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Computer science faculty member nominated for Tech Educator of the Year

IUPUI computer science senior lecturer Andy Harris has been nominated for a Mira Award from TechPoint. He is among 11 Indianapolis-area nominees for Tech Educator of the Year.


The 2019 Mira Awards gala is set for April 13 at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. Harris will be among the 100-plus companies, organizations and individuals being celebrated for their technological advancements.

Andy Harris is an award-winning teacher, a committed mentor, and his passion for computer science and technology has catalyzed the careers of many students. Harris teaches early computing classes for computer science majors as well as game-development courses for coders looking to learn 2D and 3D gaming concepts.

His teaching is described by his students as enthusiastic, enjoyable, experienced, and motivating. He has written help books on CS and technology, developed computing and software learning curricula, helped organizations develop their teaching efforts in the discipline, and he leads numerous volunteer activities.

Beyond his work in the classroom, Harris has served as a board member of the Science Education Foundation of Indiana and an organizer of Celebrate Science Indiana and for the Indiana State Science fair.

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