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Biosensor Arrays Enabling Precision Medicine

Speaker: Ryan Bailey, PhD, Robert A. Gregg Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan Location: 402 N Blackford St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 LD 010

The concept of precision medicine is predicated on an ability to comprehend a patient’s disease state in a highly informed manner that ideally illuminates an effective treatment strategy. However, in many cases new technologies are still needed to fully characterize dynamic molecular signatures of disease onset and progression. To this end, our group is developing multiple technologies that aim to increase the depth of biomarker analysis that can be performed in a clinical laboratory setting. One such technology leverages well-established semiconductor fabrication methods to create highly multiplexed and robust silicon photonic biosensor arrays that are extremely sensitive and readily scalable to emerging challenges in point-of-care clinical diagnostics. In this talk, I will describe applications of this technology for cancer and inflammatory-based diagnostics.

Host: Sardar


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