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Development of the Electrostatic Linear Ion Trap as a 'High-Performance' Tandem Mass Spectrometer

Speaker: Scott McLuckey, PhD, John A. Leighty Distinguished Professor-Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University Location: 402 N Blackford St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 LD 010

Research in mass spectrometry takes many forms that involve either applications of mass spectrometry or on the technique itself.  In this presentation, emphasis is placed on the development of an electrostatic ion trap as a tandem mass spectrometer with capabilities that can benefit a wide range of applications.  The topic is focused on a closed-path dual ion mirror device capable of ion isolation, ion fragmentation, and high resolution mass analysis.  Analogous devices have been used for ion isolation in the physics community and as so-called ‘charge-detection mass spectrometers’ for the mass determination of MDa species.  Here, the emphasis is placed on using the device as a general purpose instrument that can provide high resolution precursor ion selection as well as high resolution mass analysis.  The linear geometry of this electrostatic ion trap allows for a number of capabilities that are either very difficult or impossible to implement with the most popular form of electrostatic ion trap, the OrbitrapTM

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