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Enantioselective Catalytic Boronate Reactions

Speaker: Scott Schaus, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Center for Molecular Discovery, School of Medicine, Boston University Location: 402 N Blackford St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 LD 010

Boronates have proven to be extraordinarily useful reagents in synthesis. Ease of preparation, predictable reactivity patterns, and the existence of a number of effective chiral ligands have contributed to their widespread use. We have successfully demonstrated that boronates can undergo ligand exchange in a variety of reaction manifolds leading to enantioselective nucleophilic addition reactions. In so doing we have established the principles of reactivity for activating boronates, developed chiral ligands capable of exchanging with boronate esters in a catalytic manifold, and used mechanistic insight to expand the scope of reactions promoted by this mode of catalysis and used that information to discover new reactions.

Host: Ge