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Biology alumna outside in front of Roche
The Biology Department is processing applications as they are submitted.  Status updates will be sent in late January 2019. For more info please contact the Biology Department at biograd@iupui.edu
UPDATE: Graduate application processing delay - Status update will be emailed as soon as possible.

Biology & Informatics B.S./M.S.

Offered by: Biology Department This program allows students to earn a B.S. degree in biology and an M.S. degree in bioinformatics in five years, preparing you for technology careers in healthcare, science, and industry.

Why choose this program?

Informatics and computing professionals are in constant demand within an ever-evolving and growing field. As a result, employers are seeking graduates with the highest qualifications and skill sets to emerge as tomorrow's technology leaders. These forward-thinking programs combine our very best degree offerings in an accelerated format designed to prepare highly-skilled, marketable and successful graduates.

This program allows students to earn a B.S. degree in biology and an M.S. degree in bioinformatics in five years, preparing you for technology careers in healthcare, science, and industry.

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What will you learn?

Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life through the observation of structure, function, reproduction, growth, origin, evolution, and behavior of living organisms and their relation to their natural environment.  Foundations of modern biology include: cell theory, evolution, genetics, homoeostasis, and energy.

IUPUI biology specialties include: bacterial pathogenesis, yeast genome, organ regeneration, biomass fuels.

What will you do?

Many career opportunities exist for biology majors, especially now, with the rise of the biotechnology industry and the sequencing of the human genome.

Degree requirements

To pursue an accelerated Bachelor and Masters degree, you must first apply and be accepted to IUPUI as an undergraduate student. You'll then want to schedule time with one of our undergraduate advisors to review your plan of study. Students will apply for the Master's program during the third year of study.

Details of all undergraduate degree requirements can be found in the IUPUI bulletin.


An exciting feature of the biology program, students may choose from an array of biology research options. Learn more about our unprecedented undergraduate research opportunities.

Research on campus and service through timmy global health play pivotal role in career path

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