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Chemistry Connections Newsletter

The IUPUI Chemistry & Chemical Biology Department is proud to present Chemistry Connections, a semesterly newsletter highlighting all the achievements and stories surrounding the department.

  • Fall 2018, Edition 4

    We are excited to bring to you the Fall 2018 edition of ChemConnections! Earlier this semester, Dr. John Lechleiter, former CEO of Eli Lilly, visited our department and gave a seminar. He was very impressed with our students, and we are proud of them. Last year our undergraduate enrollment increased more than 6 percent and this year our enrollment saw a slight increase. This means IUPUI is a preferred choice for more and more students. This year we hosted a departmental recruiting event: Chemistry Day. We have created a video for this event highlighting the department, and we will post this video online soon (please visit the departmental site periodically).

  • Spring 2018, Edition 3

    We are excited to bring to you the Spring 2018 edition of Chemistry Connections ! I am delighted to tell you that this Spring we graduated another great class of chemistry students (29 B.A., 15 B.S., 1 M.S. and 1 Ph.D.). Some of these students are going to higher studies including professional schools, while others are entering the workforce. We wish them success.

  • Winter 2017, Edition 2

    We are excited to bring to you the second issue of ChemConnections , the Holiday edition! There have been many accomplishments that we are excited to share with you in this edition. I am hoping to stay in contact with you, our alumni. A special occasion is coming up next year - IUPUI is turning 50! This is quite a milestone from its beginning on 38th Street. The campus continues to grow and new students come in with new energy and enthusiasm. The core values remain the same, and you are at the heart of them. Please take part in the celebration. After all, this is your university and because of your success, IUPUI and the department are successful.

  • Spring 2017, Edition 1

    We are excited to bring to you the first issue of ChemConnections! We continue to grow as a department and it is my hope that you enjoy the updates and news we have to share. This year‟s commencement saw three of our graduate students earning Ph.D. degrees (Drs. Yifan Ge, Meghan Teunis McLeod, and Alicen M. Teitgen), as well as one MS degree (Matt Snyder). We congratulated 70 students who graduated with BA or BS degrees. 7 of those students were named among the Top 100 Students of IUPUI and graduated with distinction. The Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) program continues to be a cornerstone of undergraduate educational experience. Out of 47 students from the School of Science named in the IUPUI Top 100 Students, 22 of them were involved in the PLTL program through our department.