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Chemistry Day 2018

Location: University Library, Lilly Auditorium

~High School Seniors~

Experience Chemistry Day 2018
The Department of Chemistry & Chemistry Biology and the School of Science at IUPUI cordially invite high school students and parents to IUPUI Chemistry Day 2018.


Chemistry Day is a day to

Learn more about out undergraduate Chemistry curriculum and opportunities in our department in a small, personalized environment.

Tour our research labs and learn about undergraduate research opportunities.

Experience a Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) workshop in active learning to solve challenging problems collaboratively.

Explore careers in Chemistry.

Connect with professors and current students.

Speak with Admissions and Financial Aid/Scholarship representatives.

Join us for lunch at the campus dining hall and an IUPUI campus tour (Optional from 12:45pm-3:00pm)

Chemistry Day Agenda

Event Details

For more information contact: Lori Vanatsky

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