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Chemistry Advisor Portal

Chemistry Authorization

If you wish to request chemistry course permission for a student, we ask that you complete the Chemistry Authorization form.

This form is to be used by advisors only when a student is blocked from registering for a chemistry course.

Please be sure to complete the entire form (especially the "Reason(s) for removing registration block") and include your name and contact information so that you may be reached if there are any questions/concerns about your request.

Some common reasons for submitting a Chemistry Authorization request:

  • Student transferred in the prerequisite (system does not always recognize transfer courses).
  • Student is currently in the prerequisite course but wants to register for the next semester. Many times, students can enroll the following semester, but if they are enrolled Spring and trying to enroll in SSII or Fall, they may experience registration difficulty.

Authorizations for students who have not successfully completed the chemistry prerequisite course in the last two years and/or have not completed a chemistry placement test or math placement test in the last year will likely not receive permission for a chemistry course.

Authorizations are typically completed within three business days.

See Chemistry Authorization Form

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