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Science building at night

Facts & Stats

  • Faculty members have garnered respect, recognized nationally and internationally for their accomplishments in research 

  • The publication, presentation, and external funding record of the faculty on a per capita basis perennially is above the average in the School of Science

  • Existing research strengths within the Department and the focus areas of recent faculty hires are consistent with the Life Sciences mission of IUPUI

  • Throughout the past decade, we've increased interdisciplinary collaborations with the School of Medicine and other campus units

  • Instructional goals are a priority, so, we've established a highly successful Chemistry Peer Led Team Learning Program within the Chemistry Resource Center 

  • Both options of the Bachelor of Science degree are accredited by the American Chemical Society

IUPUI is a campus at the center of it all

As Indiana's premier urban public research university, IUPUI believes in the power of transformation. Positioned in the state's health and life sciences hub, the School of Science graduates success stories.


Graduation stats

IUPUI Department of Chemistry 2016 Graduation stats

  • 62 total chemistry degrees awarded
    • 59 baccalaureate degrees awarded
    • 3 graduate degrees awarded

IUPUI Top 100 Chemistry students

2016 Chemistry winners of the 2016 IUPUI Top 100

Adam Bogs Chemistry/Spanish Munster Junior
Emma Brown Chemistry Arcadia Junior
Timothy Emmel Biomedical Engineering/Biochemistry Vincennes Senior
Gabriela Mazur Biochemistry/Neuroscience LaPorte Junior
Amna Sohail Chemistry Lawrence Junior
Oliver Strobel Biochemistry Fishers Junior
Phillip Witcher Chemistry/Biochemistry Fishers Junior

Interview with a researcher in nanotechnology and cancer detection

Thakshila Liyanage Analytical Chemistry, Ph.D. student
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