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Graduate admissions

Admissions requirements

The prospective student should have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, show promise of ability to engage in advanced work, and have adequate preparation--at least 35 credit hours of chemistry broadly representative of the fields of the discipline--in a chemistry curriculum. The GRE exam is required for all applicants. A complete application package includes:

The IUPUI Online Application and Personal Statement

Please be sure to complete the Personal Statement regarding your goals and plans for your professional career in the on-line application. Please also note the specific area(s) of Chemistry that interests you. An application fee will be charged which may be paid by credit card. Complete the IUPUI Graduate Student Application Now. 

Letters of Recommendation

We require three letters of recommendation from people familiar with you and your student and/or professional career. NOTE: If you have completed the online University application and have listed contact information for your recommenders they will receive an automatic letter request through which they can submit their letter. You will not need to request mailed hard copies.  In lieu of that, letters on letterhead are also acceptable (see recommended letter format) and should be mailed to the department in care of Graduate Admissions.


One original copy of the official transcript(s) of all previous university work is required. Please arrange for official hard copies to be sent to the department in care of Graduate Admissions. All degrees awarded should be documented. A list of university courses and their titles which do not appear on the transcript(s) should also be sent to the department:

Graduate Admissions Committee

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis
402 N. Blackford Street, LD 326
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3274


All students are required to take the Graduate Record Examination general test; the chemistry exam is not required but will be considered if a score is submitted. Please have the documentation of your score sent directly to IUPUI from the Educational Testing Service using the University Code 1325.


International students must take the TOEFL. The minimum scores required for admission are:

  • Overall - 80 iBT
  • Listening - 16
  • Reading - 19
  • Speaking - 22
  • Writing - 18

As an alternative to the TOEFL, we will consider the IELTS with a bandwidth of 6.5. Please have the documentation of your scores sent directly to IUPUI from the Educational Testing Service using the University Code 1325.

Graduate Continuing Non-Degree (GCND) students

If you wish to in courses, though not necessarily in a degree program, contact the IUPUI Graduate Office. Students should be aware that no more than 12 credit hours earned as a nondegree student may be counted toward a degree program.

Complete graduate application now

Fellowships & assistantship

If you are interested in applying for a fellowship, please download and mail to us the form: "Release of Confidential Information to the University Fellowship Subcommittee."

Download fellowship request form

Application deadlines

Applications for full-time study should be completed by January 15 for entry in the following fall semester to ensure complete consideration for departmental fellowships and other financial support. Late applications will be considered only if full-time positions are available. Applications for part-time graduate admission may be submitted up to two months prior to the intended starting date.

Complete graduate application now

Graduate Program FAQs

Q:   What types of graduate degrees are offered by the IUPUI Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology?
  • Our department offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees, as well as Master of Science degrees with both thesis and non-thesis options.
  • The Master of Science thesis option requires that 30 hours (combined) of research and coursework be completed, while the Master of Science non-thesis option requires the completion of 30 hours of coursework only.
Q:   How long does it take to complete each degree that you offer within your program?
  • Our Ph.D. degree is expected to take no more than 5 years to complete.
  • Our Master of Science degree takes 2 years to complete on a full-time schedule.  Students who are enrolled part-time may complete their degree in their own time, but must maintain continuous enrollment.
Q:   When are graduate courses offered during the academic year?
  • Graduate courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters, while the summer semesters focus on research endeavors.
Q:   What research opportunities are available to students who are enrolled in your graduate program?
Q:   Upon earning a graduate degree from the IUPUI Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, from which institution will I have earned my degree?  
  • Upon completion of the required course work and research hours, the degree that you earn will be a Purdue University degree.
Q:   What is the procedure for applying to the graduate program?
Q:   What is the minimum GPA required to be considered for acceptance into the graduate program?
  • The minimum GPA required to be considered for admittance is a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
Q:   Do all students who are accepted into your graduate program receive financial support?
  • All Ph.D. graduate students who are accepted into our program receive financial support in the form of stipends and assistantships.  Financial support may vary for students who are accepted into the Master of Science program on a full-time basis.  There is no support for part-time MS students.
Q:   When does the IUPUI Chemistry & Chemical Biology department begin accepting applications into their graduate program?
  • We begin accepting applications on October 1st, and will continue to accept them through January 15th.  The candidates whose applications we receive during this time will be considered for admittance into the program for the upcoming academic year.
Q:   Who are the graduate program contacts within your department?
Complete graduate application now

Unexpected passion for research leads to MD/PhD program at NYU

Josh Horton 2012 Alumnus, B.S. Chemistry, M.D./Ph.D. Student, New York University of Medicine
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