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Students volunteering painting a mural

Expand your learning from faculty-led research and international travel and learning to service learning experiences and experiential learning through professional practice.

Special programs

Engage more deeply in your learning and get involved with special programs that contribute to your intellectual and professional development in unique ways.

In addition to traditional academic offerings, IUPUI  and IUPUI School of Science provide programs designed to help students access cross-functional areas of study, supplement and enrich regular degree programs or gain international experience.

Peer learning and Science Honors College

Chemistry peer-led team learning

Workshops (or Peer Led Team Learning) are experiences in active learning. Students work together to solve problems and to reveal where difficult or obscure steps might be, allowing them to cooperatively progress through the learning exercise.

It has been demonstrated in many studies on learning that the outcome far exceed the independent learner. Why? Students study and communicate with each other, which results in a higher level of understanding than that of students who study alone. When students work together to solve problems, they reinterpret ideas and concepts in alternative and unanticipated ways. This process improves learning for students at all levels.

At the same time, students learn to be part of team--a frequent expectation of future employers. Our own research here at IUPUI shows that we have experienced as high as a 60% increase in students receiving C or better grades compared to the past with students participating in traditional recitations.

Students who become peer leaders experience better performance in subsequent chemistry classes, and better performance on standardized tests. Learn more about workshop leaders.

The C105 Workshops are two-hour active-learning sessions in which students in the course will practice doing challenging problems collaboratively. Chemistry content, communication skills and good teamwork practices will be emphasized in these peer-led sessions and students will be expected to be active participants. .

Learn more about the C105 Workshops

Science Honors College

The School of Science Honors Program offers students from any School of Science major the opportunity to build on the school's challenging curricula through deeper, more engaging learning experiences in the classroom, in the lab, and throughout campus.

Benefits to Joining the School of Science Honors Program

  • Access to exceptionally challenging and enriching coursework
  • Greater connections to the School of Science's community of scholars 
  • Membership in the IUPUI Honors College, including access to its facility (computer lab, study space), its advisors, and the Honors College Student Council*
  • Honors notation on transcript upon successful completion of the program
  • Specialized career and pre-professional workshops for Honors students
  • Opportunity to live in the Honors House Residential Learning Community
  • Dean of Science Scholarship

*Note that Honors College facility access will be granted at the start of the Fall Semester following admission to the program.

Admission Application and Criteria

Admission to the Science Honors Program will now occur only once per year, following the end of the Spring term.  The application process is competitive; limited spots are available each year.  To apply for admission to the School of Science Honors Program, you must 

  • Be currently enrolled at IUPUI  
  • Be enrolled in a School of Science major or eligible to certify into a School of Science major 
  • Have earned at least 15 credit hours in residence at IUPUI
  • Have an IU Cumulative GPA of at least 3.50
  • Have at least four academic terms remaining to complete your degree
  • Complete the School of Science Honors Program application for Fall 2018 Admission, including a 500 word (maximum) answer to the question: "How will participation in the School of Science Honors Program help you achieve your academic or professional goals?  What do you hope to gain from participation in this program? How will your involvement in this program benefit the science community?"
  • Next Application Deadline: April 15. Spring Grades will be considered in the application process.

NOTE: Current Honors College students who are enrolled in the School of Science are automatically included in the School of Science Honors Program

Program Requirements

To graduate with Honors, students must 

  • Enroll in and earn at least 1 honors credit hour each semester after being admitted to the Honors Program (does not include Summer terms, maximum of 6 hours or two courses per semester)
  • Earn 24 hours of honors credit (through honors-designated courses or courses in which honors contracts have been approved)
    • Complete at least 12 honors credits in School of Science courses
  • Maintain an IU Semester GPA and IU Cumulative GPA of at least 3.30

Students with questions about the Honors Program are encouraged to speak with their School of Science advisor or to email Diana Sims-Harris in the Dean's Office.

Science Honors Program Contact Information

  • Diana Sims-Harris, Director of Student Affairs, School of Science
  • Joseph Thompson, Executive Director of Academic and Student Affairs, School of Science
  • Jane Williams, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, School of Science
Join Science Honors College

Special IUPUI Programs

  • IUPUI Honors College

    An academic community for high ability students in an urban research environment

    The IUPUI Honors College is a place where motivated, creative students work together—and challenge each other—to make an impact on the IUPUI campus, downtown Indy, and the world.

  • Study abroad

    Go on an adventure that changes your life

    Study abroad is much more than a trip—it’s an intellectual and cultural adventure that will change the way you see the world, other people, and yourself.

  • MAC Center

    Collaboration with peers on math assignments

    The MAC is located in Taylor Hall (UC B001) and offers tutoring and peer mentoring from fellow students to anyone in a mathematics course.

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