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    Chemistry Minor (Purdue) Minor

    The undergraduate minor in chemistry requires a minimum of 21 credit hours of chemistry courses.

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    Chemistry B.A. (Purdue degree) B.A.

    The B.A. in Chemistry is recommended for pre-professional major students

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    Biological Chemistry B.S. (Purdue degree) B.S.

    Biological chemistry is the chemistry of amino acids, proteins, polymers, enzymes, nucleic acids, lipids, cholesterol; metabolic...

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    Medicinal Chemistry B.S. (Purdue degree) B.S.

    The drug discovery process requires teamwork with input from disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology...

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    Chemistry lecturer wins ACS Salute to Excellence Award

    INDIANAPOLIS – Salutes to Excellence is a recognition award that gives ACS members an opportunity to underscore outstanding accomplishments, achievements or service for individuals who have made a positive impact on everyday life. Since the program began in 2000, more than 500 honorees have received Salutes to Excellence awards.

    IUPUI chemists develop new technique that could speed drug development

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Researchers at the School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis have devised a method to substantially speed up the process.

    The IUPUI chemists have developed and tested a new molecular binding technique that could shorten or abridge the human and animal drug discovery and development process. The new method also is potentially more economical and ecologically friendly than that currently used. 

    IUPUI students, researchers begin collaboration with Cuban university to study neglected diseases

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis undergraduate students and researchers recently traveled to Cuba to conduct a workshop and begin a partnership with the University of Havana implementing IUPUI's Distributed Drug Discovery, or D3, program. The American Chemical Society and the School of Science at IUPUI funded the workshop. 

    Chemical origami yields new plant compounds with therapeutic and economic potential

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Many of these natural products are very useful as antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs or vitamins, among myriad other applications. Many of these compounds are far too complex to synthesize in the laboratory, but they can be purified from the plants in which they are found. 

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