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Faculty Expectations and Lessons Learned: Faculty Member, Chair, and University Administrator

By: David Malik

Distributed Drug Discovery (D3) Takes its Global Collaborations to Cuba

Since 2005 IUPUI's Distributed Drug Discovery program has established multiple collaborations between our department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and schools across the globe. These contacts have been with students and/or professors in Poland, Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic and Kenya, as well as at multiple schools across the United States. Now it has been implemented in Cuba. D3 has three goals:

Keith Anliker receives 2018 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

We are told that in teaching the very first few minutes of the first day of the semester of any class are the most important. These first few minutes set the direction and demeanor for the rest of the term. Students look at the professor as he (or she) first walks in and they say to themselves: "I don't care how much he knows, but I do want to know if he cares."

Well, Keith cares!

Keith Anliker Teaching

Voice of a Chemistry Alumnus: Robin Polt

A Chemistry Degree at IUPUI 36 Years Out

By: Robin Polt, BS Chemistry 1981

International symposium on chemistry education honors IUPUI's Pratibha Varma-Nelson

INDIANAPOLIS -- Leading figures in science education are gathering this week for a symposium honoring Pratibha Varma-Nelson of IUPUI, this year's recipient of the American Chemical Society's George Pimentel Award.

  • Developing the Crop Protection Attributes of a Natural Product

  • The Anatomy of an Application

  • Voice of a Chemistry Alumnus: Tom Eckrich

    A 1979 graduate of IUPUI Department of Chemistry, Tom Eckrich was born and raised in Beech Grove, IN. He graduated from Cathedral High School when it was still at 14th and Meridian in downtown Indianapolis, then spent one year studying accounting at what is now Marian University. Needing additional elective credits he attended IUPUI during the summer of 1976 and took General Chemistry, C105, with Professor Gordon Fricke. Tom failed his first exam in this course, but Prof. Fricke encouraged him to continue.

  • Seminar: GIOSS Seminar

  • P13 Kinase - A Moving Target in Drug Discovery (and other adventures)

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