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Our Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology is to nurture our students' development in the chemical sciences through high-quality undergraduate and graduate educational experiences in an inclusive and collaborative environment where students, faculty, and staff prosper intellectually, create and disseminate scholarly knowledge, engage our community, and solve problems to benefit society.


The vision of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology is to be a recognized national leader in (1) student success in the chemical sciences, (2) research contributions and impact, and (3) disciplinary engagement.  This will be accomplished by leveraging our strengths, urban location, and student, faculty, and staff capabilities. 


  • Pursuit of innovation in education and research
  • Advancement of high professional standards
  • Promotion of a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Maintain a focus on student success
  • Support service and outreach contributions to the campus, community, and discipline
  • Promote personal growth and development of faculty and staff 


“My mentors at IUPUI gave me a level of responsibility in the lab that provided an advantage when I was working in new areas at NYU.”

Ahmed Malik Chemistry, Undergraduate
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